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Requested - Erika’s boobs/chest

Anonymous wrote: "Which issue of malibu mag is Erika in ?"

This Erika Linder question got asked twice. I’m only responding to one no offence to the other person :)

Malibu Mag - April/May 2014

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Anonymous wrote: "jw do you know if erika does any runway and if so do u have any pix"

She doesn’t do runway she has in the past of which I only have a few photos

Catwalk tag

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Anonymous wrote: "Why the "Richie Phoenix"?"

I don’t really know???
I’m guessing the Phoenix because of her love for River Phoenix…

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Anonymous wrote: "Do u have pictures of casey hooper, tamra and erika?"

No! Sorry I don’t.

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messalonskee wrote: "For you❤️ Rules are: copy this message to 10 other beautiful blogs who you think deserve this message. Keep the game going and make everyone feel beautiful. Spread the love ❤️"

Thank you for thinking of my blog

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Anonymous wrote: "Do you know if Erika is living in LA? Love your blog btw"

LA is her base at the moment and thank you :)

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Anonymous wrote: "hey ! did you ever meet Erika ? just asking ...^^ by the way , cool blog ;)"

No! And Thanks :) glad you like it.

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Erika Linder for Urban Outfitters

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